Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tommy the Toothless Wonder

My son is almost 11 months old and this is how he smiles: all gums! There have been MANY signs of teething, but no teeth. For months I've dropped him off at daycare and said things like "his teeth really seem to be bothering him today." There's been drooling, finger chewing, ear pulling and massive amounts of gnawing colorful plastic objects. But no teeth. My son is clearly messing with me.

I check every day: not even a speck of white visible on the gumline.

Why do I bring this up? My mom just forwarded me an e-mail. My cousin's baby, who is three months younger than Tommy is suddenly sprouting FOUR of them. So is my OTHER cousin's baby. She's FOUR months younger than Tom. It's all part of the comparison game that starts the day your kiddo is born. Somebody's kid is always going to weigh more. Or less. Or have more hair. Or a tinier nose or more delicate ears.

Something happens the second the nurse puts that squirmy red bundle in our arms. We must compare it to the other bundles in the nursery. How loud he cries, how well she sleeps, even how many times he pooped!

I bought a book telling me about the "milestones" Tommy should be reaching in his development. According to that book, he should have been rolling at six weeks. It was more like six months. I buried the book in a closet.

My child is a wonderful, happy, funny, busy toothless wonder. He can gum the heck out of watermelon, Ritz crackers, and thanks to grandma, even Rice Krispie treats. So while all I want for Christmas may be Tommy's two front teeth (or even ONE bottom tooth), he could care less.

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  1. Great post, I completely agree. I've made my sentiments clear about how I feel on the compairison game, I hate it!