Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2- aka THE FINAL DAY

So I woke up feeling HORRIBLE. Bad headache, sweats, chills.. devastated because I didn't think I would be able to continue the Cabbage Soup Experiment. But a couple of aspirin and 30 minutes with a cool washcloth on my head and I was feeling good. Had a V-8 and some cabbage soup that was mostly broth for breakfast. It actually tasted good!

Went to Jazzercise. Got home, sauteed some asparagus. No problems. Then ate a giant salad and some soup for lunch. REALLY had to choke down the soup. It was totally disgusting to me. The cooked veggies just seemed so damp and colorless and mushy. Ew.

Then Marc and I loaded Tommy up for a trip to Sam's club. Halfway through I sprinted to the bathroom and puked up a whole lot of green.... and then I had my husband take me to Hardee's for lunch. I had a burger, fries and a smile on my face the whole time. Marc asked me why I tried the diet anyway and I said "Just for fun." and he said "It wasn't fun, was it?" Good point. One think I've learned from this experience, moderation and exercise are LOT easier than cutting out protein and carbs. So if anyone else wants to try to the diet- good luck!! I'll read about in your blog while I eat a burger :)


  1. oh wow! well, at least you know now! enjoy your burger and fries!

  2. Humans weren't meant to live off veggies alone...