Thursday, December 31, 2009

One-Year Stats

Weight 21.3 lbs.—25% percentile or a little lower
Length 30 inches- 50% percentile on the nose
Head 18 1/8 cm- 25% percentile or a little lower
4 shots.. and then pricked his finger and took lots of blood for hemoglobin.. it was horrible.

But here's the good news.. Dr. J. checked to see how he's doing walking and he took a sort of step on his own toward me. A half step/half fling. I think we're getting close. Then there's no stopping him!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Blizzard-mas!

So what we got for Christmas this year was about 2 feet of snow!

We made it to my parents for Christmas Eve dinner and a few presents but we are still waiting to see most of our relatives!

Yesterday it was just me, Tom, Marc and the dogs. We watched some movies, played Wii, we all took naps and of course watched others in our circle trying to shovel, snowblow and go places! Hoping to see the rest of the world today! In all a quiet, cuddly Christmas, one I'm sure we'll never forget! And much better than last year, when poor Tommy became a glowworm and had to go on bili-lights for a couple of days!

Merry Christmas to all, whereever you are!

And guess what Tommy got for Christmas? Tooth #2. Thanks, Santa :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Birthday Bonanza!

We had Tom's first birthday party yesterday! Overall it was a success. Tom destroyed his cake, not sure how much he ate but he loved making a mess. He had some fussy moments.. but with a runny nose and (possibly?) a second tooth coming in, he did great! Not that interested in unwrapping presents, but sure was excited to push them around today. He has so many relatives who love him lots, that's for sure!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Tooth is Here!

On Saturday (his aunt Holly's birthday) the first tooth broke the surface! Took almost a year... but it's here!

Tommy was a little fussy during the afternoon and we thought he would be a bear when we took him to a friends birthday party. Quite the contrary, he had a blast! Didn't seem to mind wearing his Santa suit (except for the hat) and had so much fun playing with all the paper during the gift exchange. I have a feeling the wrapping paper will be the biggest hit both for Christmas and this Sunday at his birthday party!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ha ha ha ha!!

One my friends has a son the same age as Tommy. We both get "updates" from some parenting websites about our babies progression/development/physical growth etc. Mostly I ignore these, since they think my kid should have had teeth 7 months ago but this I could NOT ignore:

Around this time, some children become seriously picky eaters. Just keep offering her good food and plenty of snacks and sooner or later her appetite should bounce back to normal. If your baby eats hardly any veggies one day, try to serve up plenty the next day. And never force something on her -- if your child's truly hungry, she'll eat what's in front of her without any prodding from you. And most kids do end up getting the nutrition and calories they need, even if they skip a meal here or there. One food she probably won't need any arm-twisting for? Birthday cake! It'll be a blast, but make sure to keep things in perspective -- there's no reason to let the little details stress you out. To make the day as smooth as possible, delegate, delegate, delegate: Ask a friend to take pictures so you can actually be in them, consider hiring a cleaning service so you can stay out of the kitchen, or have baby's nanny or favorite sitter on hand in case she should get a little fussy and need a break from the crowd. Get more great time- and stress-savers here and below.

Ah, thank you I'm make sure to invite Tom's nanny. right after I hire the cleaning service. Thanks for this oh-so-practical advice.... Guess I should be running pony rides in my back yard or something..


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blame my Handwriting on my 4th grade Teacher

A recent shopping list

So recently I told my mother that I was in the process of addresses the invites for Tommy's party.

"Did you make them look nice?" she asked. I said, "I used marker so my handwriting isn't as bad as usual." I replied.

You see, I have terrible handwriting. I generally print. And it looks like a 4th grader wrote it, or as a former roommate (Marney) once said a serial killer.

"Bury the bodies in the backyard," she would read off my shopping list. "No," I would correct her, "It says milk, apples and eggs."

But back to the 4th grade thing. When I was in 4th grade, Sister Jean Margaret gave me a "D" in handwriting. A "D!" That's practically an "F!" I never got bad grades, and barely even had a "C" at any point after that in my academic career. But I think that ingrained in my head the idea that I just had, and always would have, horrible handwriting.

My 4's and 9's are often confusing. Ditto for 1's and 7's. And my u's can often curl in a bit, looking like a's. I had to make sure after Tommy was born that his birth certificate would read Thomas GUY Haire instead of Thomas GAY Haire.

My mom said, "You could have nice handwriting if you just took your time." Probably fair advice. But I'm 34 years old. Maybe Sister Jean should have told me that...