Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ha ha ha ha!!

One my friends has a son the same age as Tommy. We both get "updates" from some parenting websites about our babies progression/development/physical growth etc. Mostly I ignore these, since they think my kid should have had teeth 7 months ago but this I could NOT ignore:

Around this time, some children become seriously picky eaters. Just keep offering her good food and plenty of snacks and sooner or later her appetite should bounce back to normal. If your baby eats hardly any veggies one day, try to serve up plenty the next day. And never force something on her -- if your child's truly hungry, she'll eat what's in front of her without any prodding from you. And most kids do end up getting the nutrition and calories they need, even if they skip a meal here or there. One food she probably won't need any arm-twisting for? Birthday cake! It'll be a blast, but make sure to keep things in perspective -- there's no reason to let the little details stress you out. To make the day as smooth as possible, delegate, delegate, delegate: Ask a friend to take pictures so you can actually be in them, consider hiring a cleaning service so you can stay out of the kitchen, or have baby's nanny or favorite sitter on hand in case she should get a little fussy and need a break from the crowd. Get more great time- and stress-savers here and below.

Ah, thank you I'm make sure to invite Tom's nanny. right after I hire the cleaning service. Thanks for this oh-so-practical advice.... Guess I should be running pony rides in my back yard or something..


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