Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tommy is Eight Months Old! (Barely)

So big! So happy! Just don't look at the scrapes on his forehead. The ones for which I am responsible. I post this fearing that the state health department might come to my door and revoke my mom card. Friday night Marc and I were getting ready for a quick run to the grocery store. He handed me Tommy so I could pop him in the car seat. I picked up my smiling happy baby and preceded to toss him in the air as I often do. The next 2 seconds happened in slow motion.

"THE FAN!" Marc yelled. Too late. Apparently I didn't notice it was on or how close I was to it. Luckily it was just a graze.. and Tommy's tough!

Cousin Riley also had a solution: that pink Hello Kitty bandaid. I think that horrified Marc more than the original injury.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lazy Summer Days!

I just enjoyed five days off in a row! Got a chance to pick up some cute new duds for Tommy (he loves to play with his hat), to spend some time splashing in the kiddie pool, and to let Tom indulge in a bit of his favorite new treat: ICE CREAM!!