Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tommy is Eight Months Old! (Barely)

So big! So happy! Just don't look at the scrapes on his forehead. The ones for which I am responsible. I post this fearing that the state health department might come to my door and revoke my mom card. Friday night Marc and I were getting ready for a quick run to the grocery store. He handed me Tommy so I could pop him in the car seat. I picked up my smiling happy baby and preceded to toss him in the air as I often do. The next 2 seconds happened in slow motion.

"THE FAN!" Marc yelled. Too late. Apparently I didn't notice it was on or how close I was to it. Luckily it was just a graze.. and Tommy's tough!

Cousin Riley also had a solution: that pink Hello Kitty bandaid. I think that horrified Marc more than the original injury.

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