Monday, November 30, 2009

First Birthday Blitz

This picture is from Saturday after Tom and I took a walk on a glorious sunny November 28th. November 28th! That means kiddo's first birthday is approaching fast.

I've heard about moms who are planning major blowouts for the first birthday... with themes and even dress codes for the ADULT participants. A theme? I guess the theme for Tom's birthday will be "come eat chili in our house and pretend it's not five days before Christmas." My goal will be to NOT wrap Tommy's gift in Christmas paper.

I got an entire catalog of 1st birthday party products... and a planning guide from Toys'R'Us.

I wonder if I would be handling this differently if his birthday weren't so close to Christmas. Probably. But Tom is stuck with the birthday he got. And he's sure going to get a lot of love. And that will happen all YEAR round :)


  1. Yeh.. the first birthday shouldn't be such a blowout. I think the 3rd could be though! :) I'm all for the 1st bday being a party for the adults too. Meaning.. adult beverages! ;)

  2. wouldn't have a party without 'em!!