Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uncle Derrald's Pictures!

We are so lucky to have a photographer in the family! Last night Derrald (Tommy's favorite godfather) was hauling out the photo gear to take pictures of cousin McCoy with his mom and dad Molly and Kyle-- so we crashed the shoot. These are the results. The wiggly babies even managed to pose for one cute picture together! Derrald normally shoots landscapes and wildlife. Last night he had some REAL wildlife to contend with! Actually the boys were VERY good! You can see more of his work (incredibly beautiful and all of the pictures have fancy names) at his website: www.journeyoflight.com I check it frequently, his pictures make me feel nice and peaceful!


  1. Tommy and McCoy were so cute and a joy to photograph. They were both so good! Much easier to plan than some of the wildlife I shoot.

  2. I saw these on FB earlier. Truly Amazing!