Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun in the Pool!

So since Tommy loves the bathtub and his kiddie pool so much, Marc and I decided to try the neighborhood pool. We haven't really been swimming since our honeymoon.. so we forgot just how c-ccccc-oooollllldddd the water can be. We slowly walked in and dipped his feet-- he screamed bloody murder! We got him out, gave him a bottle, and tried again after the rest break.. letting him sit on the edge and slowly working his way in! He had a blast, splashing, kicking and laughing out loud.

Sorry for the quality of the video my cell phone, the sun (I could see what I was shooting) and the water made for a tough situation. You get the idea, though. And why does my voice get four octaves higher when I'm narrating Tommy video?


  1. Go Tommy! Soon you'll be swimming laps with your cousin!

  2. We'll have to get him in swim lessons, too!!