Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm so Ashamed

Every time I see the posts on facebook, I groan a little bit:

Little Becky Sue is in a photo contest! Vote for her! She's only 10 votes behind some kid from Arkansas!

And then if you vote, you are forced to log in and you get slammed with spam for the next two years. And it's really all about how many people you know and not how cute Becky Sue is at all..

But then a friend posted a link that her kid was in this contest to be in a baby Gap ad. I voted for her adorable son and then promptly entered mine. After all, everyone (OK mostly people I'm related to and a few friends) say Tommy should be in ads. So I did it. So sue me. I think I have the cutest kid in the world and I'm hoping for lots of votes to reaffirm my belief.

Click below, and you can help me feel more worthy as a mom. Because, yes, this is proof that I really am a proud mom. With a baby who was clearly made to sell overpriced and adorable clothes! :)

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