Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tommy at 9 months!

Dr. J. says Tommy is looking great. Weight is up to 18.6 pounds, length 29 inches. So he's long and lean at this point. To be expected considering how much he's moving and shaking. Still no teeth! Dr. J. says there seems to be a little truth to the old wives tale: The later the teeth come in, the fewer problems they'll have with them later in life. Hope it's true!


  1. Dude. On the teeth growing front...Betsy still just has two bottom teeth. And really, two bottom teeth don't do much for her chewing wise.

    Too bad they can't meet in person and do some gummy smiling and kissing of each other.

  2. I would just to sit them face-to-face! How cute would that be? maybe someday!

  3. I didn't have teeth until I was 18 months old and I didn't have a cavity until I was 21 (and haven't had one since)! Go Tommy toothless!

    P.S. My brother gummed steak until he was 2. LOL.

  4. Love it Mandy! Thanks for sharing :)