Monday, June 1, 2009

Blowups and Blowouts **WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT**

So, Tommy got sick for the first time. It started Wednesday night, with some serious projectile vomit. No fun for kiddo or mom! I stayed home with him Thursday and Friday mornings, Daddy did Thursday afternoon, and Putty (aka Grandma Lynda) did Friday afternoon. While I LOVED having the extra time with him, watching him be so sick was miserable. I think I cried nearly as much as he did! He recovered well enough for a couple quick outings Saturday and thank goodness he was ready for daycare again today. The bug he had seems to have "worked its way" through his system... and that's happened with some of the worst blowouts ever!! Here's some highlights/lowlights from recent days:

Lucky the Kleenex thief!

Worst blowout in history: Ewww!! Thank goodness for baby OxiClean!!

Smiling through the sick:

Crashed out!

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  1. It sucks when they're that sick, it's like the minutes barely move by and you're always ready to head to the hospital... Glad little Tommy's doing better!